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R452A (XP44)


R452A (OpteonĀ® XP44) is a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFO refrigerant blend, used as a replacement for R404A and R507 in low temperature transport refrigeration applications.


  • Transport Refrigeration
    Transport Refrigeration

Packaging information

  • 11kg
  • 12kg
  • 23kg
  • 54kg
  • 790kg
  • Subject to Availability
  • AFK product cylinders are fitted with a Residual Pressure Device (RPD) to ensure used refrigerant or any other substance cannot be reintroduced into a cylinder
  • Store cylinders in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, out of direct sunlight
  • AFK operates a returnable cylinder fleet, empty cylinders are to be returnedĀ 
  • For more information please contact AFK on +49 (0) 4185 7001-0 or via the Contact Us form

Product Features & Benefits

  • Substitute for R404A and R507, with comparable physical and thermodynamic properties
  • Zeotropic refrigerant blend containing R32, R125 and R1234yf
  • Refrigerant must be charged from the liquid phase to ensure accurate composition
  • AFK refrigerant cylinders have dual port valves, making liquid offtake easier
  • Non-flammable with a safety classification of A1
  • Compressors must be charger with polyolester oils, contact the compressor manufacturer for more information
  • Alternative to R404A series low and medium temperature refrigerants
  • Performance closely matches that of R404A
  • For use where low discharge temperatures are required
  • Can be used as a retrofit or in new installations

Environmental Impact

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